OneWorld Corporation-We are Exporter,Supplier, & Traders of Spices,Dehydrated Onion & other vegetables,Mango Pulp,PeaNut Butter,Edible Iodized Salt,Fruits & Vegatables, & Ready to Eat foods.

About Us


        With Roots Deep in Quality and Committed to Excellence, we strive to build a Greener, Healthier & Richer World. OneWorld Corporation is committed to Supplying products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers while conducting business in a socially and environmentally sustainable basis through innovation & comprehensive solutions to ensure a totally satisfying experience. We meet the customer's growing aspirations through:

  • Innovation in products processes and services.
  • Continuous improvement in our total quality management systems.
  • Customer focused culture
  • Teamwork & Dedication