OneWorld Corporation-We are Exporter,Supplier, & Traders of Spices,Dehydrated Onion & other vegetables,Mango Pulp,PeaNut Butter,Edible Iodized Salt,Fruits & Vegatables, & Ready to Eat foods.


"Procurement of the right material at the right time"

We get our materials from the approved suppliers by our team, which are located in identified agro-climatic zones. The inherent color, pungency, and aroma of the spice is related to the soil conditions, rain pattern, relative humidity of the location and above all the cultural practices the farmer employs.

The purchase team of OneWorld Corporation takes utmost care in the selection and procurement of specific materials from specific locations so that it gets the required color, pungency and purity. Our team not only tours the various production and marketing centers to establish direct contacts with the farmers and the traders, but also ensures that quality material with optimum active ingredients is made available.

This arrangement of backward integration especially in Red peppers (chilies) / Black Pepper, Cumin seeds, Mango Powder helps us in maintaining consistency in quality and timely delivery. Every little ingredient cultivated undergoes careful scrutiny before it is supplied to customer.

For us to ensure premium quality products to our customer We have to purchase top-quality materials. Raw spices are natural products that are planted and harvested by hand. We rely on our buyers’ many years of experience and extensive expert knowledge to filter out the best spice harvests available in the world.

Close cooperation with our partner suppliers, which we review and evaluate regularly, ensures the required quality. We work with different origins and with certified & preferred vendors.

After delivery, materials are approved, only if all defined inspection criteria and all hygienic requirements have been met. We conduct many different sensory, chemical, physical and microbiological tests in standard laboratory. Materials are stored in a controlled environment to retain all valuable properties as best as possible.