About Us

We introduce our self as a team of vast experienced technocrats . W e are devoted to protecting people and assets from everyday hazards and danger. People trust us to do that because we are experts in our field. And that trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in everything we do from early detection to clean suppression and control. Our motto is about making the world a safer place, at home and at work, throughout business and industry, we offer solutions you can depend on, day in, day out and you’ll find everything you need, right her

OneWorld Corporation Supplies and installs specialized types of Sprinklers, Fire extinguishers, Hose reels and Hydrants, Fire alarm systems, Smoke detectors, Security systems, Pumps, Access Control and CCTV etc. We also undertake complete Building Maintenance Work including fire protection.


Quality Assurance:

OneWorld Corporation has an uncompromising commitment to quality conform to all the quality specifications; we have developed an excellent quality control system. Quality processes and controls are implemented in a systematic and planned way across the business and are given consistent and thorough attention.


We understand the trust placed in us by the public and our colleagues is integral to the performance of our duties. We are committed to honest and ethical behavior, and we will hold ourselves accountable to thes e values.


We recognize and understand that the constancy of change in our community and industry impacts our business daily. We are committed to seeking out and implementing innovative and progressive thinking to address change effectively to benefit those we serve.

Quality Policy:

The aim of our business is to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their requirements. Our reputation is the result of our efforts to achieve continual improvement in the quality of our products and services in the field of Fire Fighting Equipments and systems through updating process, products and personnel skills.

Teamwork and Shared Leadership:

We know well-functioning teams of people are more effective than individuals working separately; our lives depend on it. We believe individuals have the capacity to lead, and our organization values leadership at all levels. Teamwork and shared leadership are integral to our organization, and we will seek out and value the opinions of our advisory members.


We know India is a diverse country, and we commit to meeting its ever-changing needs. W e are dedicated to reflecting and respecting that diversity throughout our organization. W e will respect the diversity of our country by providing compassionate and quality service to all.

Professional Excellence:

We believe the pursuit of excellence and demonstrating high professional standards are critical to our work. To ensure the best possible product & service for our country, we organize continuous event management in safe fire and encourage professional development.

Effective Communication:

We believe communication is essential to the cohesiveness and performance of our organization. We are committed to providing effective and responsive means of communication throughout the organization at 24x7.

Community Service and Involvement:

We believe we have a duty to be involved in the communities where we work. Our responsibility is to protect life, property, and the environment. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility and to deepenin


To achieve excellence in fire protection by maintaining the highest standards of services, and dedication and believing in the honor, sacrifice and duty of our calling. W e will provide the highest degree of safety and security to protect the lives, property, and environment of our country